Three Simple Steps To Repair Your Phone

1. Choose Your Repair

Find your phone model using the search bar or view all models, then select the repair you require and checkout.

2. Home Collection Arranged

We collect your phone from your home - we cover the whole of the United Kingdom.

3. Receive Repaired Phone & Enjoy!

Once received, we repair your device & return via express courier the same day. Enjoy!

What We Do

Screen Replacement

If you've cracked or broken your phone screen we can help! Get your phone display looking fresh and brand new with our screen repair service now.

Rear Glass Replacement

A cracked rear housing / case can be a pain and cause additional problems such as water damage very easily. Get your rear housing replacement with for the perfect fix.

Battery Replacement

Over time you'll likely find your phone battery has a reduced capacity and won't last as long or hold a charge properly. We can replace your phone today and give your phone a new lease of life

Charging Port Repair

If your phone won't charge or keeps connecting and disconnecting when syncing, we can fix this. Choose a charging port repair to resolve this issue right away.

Front Camera Repair

If you've broken the front camera on your phone then select this service. We can repair your front camera and replace with a brand new unit to get your selfies looking sharp again!

Rear Camera Repair

If you're looking to replace your phone's rear camera this is the service for you. We'll replace your rear camera with a new model so you can get snapping today