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Phone Unlocking Explained

A sim lock, network lock or subsidy lock is a built in feature implemented into GSM phones by network providers. Providers use these locks to restrict the use of your phone to their own network, regardless of the fact that the phone belongs to you.

This lock restricts you from changing sim cards.
You may want to change your network for a variety of reasons, for example:

To use an international sim card when roaming. This can save a great deal of money if you want to call locally or use data services while you are in a different country.

To change providers. If you aren’t happy with the service you are receiving or simply want a better deal, this lock stops you from changing your service.

To sell your phone. If you want to sell your phone, having it unlocked can increase the retails value significantly, a definite positive for you!

We care about the environment. Reusing your phone helps every person on our planet. Click here to learn what we’re doing to help.

Our advice? Unlock your phone today and gain the freedom that you and your phone deserve.



With over three years of expertise unlocking phones, you know you’re in good hands.

We keep things simple, all we need are your phone details – we do the rest.

Don't let your provider lock you out - Unlock your Phone Today - Care for Our Environment - Money Back Guarantee.

How We Worked!

Step One

Select the phone you want to unlock, we can unlock 99% of phone models from any provider - Worldwide.

Step Two

We'll do a quick check using your phones IMEI to see if your phones can be unlocked - Simple!

Step Three

Your unlock code is emailed to you or your phone is unlocked over the air

Unlock your Phone Today

We unlock all phones, including Apple iPhone - Samsung - HTC - Huawei - LG - Motorola - Nokia - Panasonic - Sony - ZTE - Siemans and Many More.
Simply let us know your phone make, model and IMEI number. You'll receive your unlock code quickly via email.
We pride ourselves on customer support. We're here for you 24/7, 355 days a year.
Sim Unlock your phone to use any provider - switch today instantly and easily.
Use your phone inc any country saving greatly on roaming calls

Free Evaluation of Your Device

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Unlocking your phone has many benefits. Asides from being able to use your device with any network, unlocking can raise the resale value of your device by up to 100%! Also by unlocking your phone you are being more environmentally friendly. Once you’ve upgraded your device others can reuse your phone! Click here to learn what we’re doing to help with the environment.
We have an automatic e-mail delivery system once your code has been retrieved from our databases. However certain e-mail providers will label our messages as junk. Please check your junk e-mail box to see our e-mail is there. If you still haven’t received anything our support team will be ready to assist you.
Feel free to drop us a message with your device make, model and network it is locked to. We will quickly reply and let you know if we have a solution for you!
Unlocking your phone is 100% legal.
The most common reasons why you get “Not Found” as a code is either you have given us the incorrect IMEI number or incorrect network. If this is not the case, please use the software provided
First, try the software provided, if this fails, provide visual proof that a code and software we gave you failed to unlock your device. Due to the nature of the unlocking business we require an image or video clip of your device showing the code error. Please contact us first, as different devices have different refund requirements

Contact Us

If you have any kind of queries, need information, or just want to track your order, then you can very easily contact us. You can call us at +353 86 4006493 or if you want to send an email then send it at info@gsmworld.ie
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